Rainbow Child // A Beauty Collaboration

Rainbow Child

Let's talk about death... and creative blocks. &when we're all sad and teary eyed, scroll back up and stare at this eyeball candy and feel better. Trigger warning (death and suicide)

I’ve been through three creative blocks in the past year. The first when I had an allergic reaction to penicillin causing an immensely painful, blistering rash. I still pushed myself to work and do shoots with this going on. I was hobbling around with swollen legs. I could barely even walk. I pushed myself so hard that my legs didn't heal properly and I'll probably have scars for life. Resulting in creative block # 1

A creative surge comes through like a ray of sunshine breaking through the clouds. We move to Texas for the summer and the new faces and new talent get my brain a buzzin. I made some of my best work in a little 800 sq foot apartment in Fort Worth, Texas. And since I knew it would be temporary, I indulged a little too much. I booked more shoots than I could keep up with editing. Luckily I had some talented retouchers join my squad And they helped to elevate my work that much more, but I was still behind. I CRASH. Creative block # 2

And that block smashes right in to # 3

My sweet little brother... He's no longer here. He took his own life, September 20th, 2017… One day we're talking about a cute girl he likes and his new job... The next he's gone. I wish I would have called more. I wish I would have skipped Texas and spent the summer with you. I wish I would have known how bad you were hurting. I would have packed you up myself and pulled you out of that hell hole. He was abused and manipulated by the social system and we had no idea. The truth keeps coming out more and more. And the voiceless will be heard.

Coping has taken all of my energy. Planning shoots has been next to impossible. All I could do was show up and shoot. If I tried to plan something, I crashed, I had panic attacks. My heart is broken and my creativity was blocked… until now. Thank you to my creative family for bringing me exactly what I needed to heal. Unicorn magic on an iridescent platter. Love you all.

If you've read this far, THANK YOU. I have more of my brother's story I want to share. Follow @themitchellstory for updates and resources on preventing suicide and finding aid for those in crisis. If you’re feeling blue, scroll back up for a rainbow palette cleanser or hit me up in the comments to discuss. Everyone has their own story to share and I want to hear them all <3