Model portfolio

Snow White

I love being commissioned for fun and creative shoots and adding my own glamorous flare to it. Alicia wanted to add some Snow White themed images to her model portfolio. A perfect shoot for winter.

Los Angeles Beauty Photographer :

Model Alicia Emerson
Florist Kaytee Stice
HMUA Sarah Burton


Adobe Creative Jam

Our image won judges choice at the Adobe Creative Jam and tied for second for people's choice. I'm so happy with how this image turned out and so grateful to my amazing team. We really gave it our all today.

Theme : Transitions

"I try to have a strong theme of femininity and female empowerment throughout my work. With the recent election and transition of power, it's more important than ever to come together and work harder to make sure our voices are heard and our rights are protected. We must be united and protect each other and empower each other."

Models : Abby Sayer and Paris Warner
Makeup : Sarah Burton and Lauren Ashley Walton-McGee
Hair : Lauren Ashley Walton-McGee
Los Angeles Beauty Photographer :

Utah Beauty & Product Photographer

Utah beauty and product photographer

Westcott Eyelighter Review

White Panel



Look at those eyes! The Eyelighter does everything it implies. And the new white white panel is a beauty photographer's dream!! It fills in light so softly and still defines the eyes in the best way. Personally, I love the white more than the silver. The silver panel gives a harsher, cooler fill. And often the eye isn't just lit up, but there is a harsh line of reflection.Which looks very alien to me. It can be quite interesting and beautiful in a way. So, it has it's own intrigue and it's own place in the photography world. But for my own personal taste, I like softer eyes where you can actually see the details of the eyes.  The white is much softer and lovely. It's my new go to tool. And well worth the investment.


White Panel

Utah Beauty & Product Photographer

Silver Panel

Utah Beauty & Product Photographer


Los Angeles Beauty Photographer :
Makeup : Sarah Burton
Hair : Lauren McGee
Model : Elizabeth Wood

Utah Beauty & Product Photographer